Support  To  Electoral  Processes  and Democracy  –  STEP Democracy – supports inclusive, peaceful and credible electoral processes, and enhances the capacity of stakeholders to strengthen the democratic transition in Myanmar.  It is an integrated programme closely coordinated with all key national stakeholders – with the Union Election Commission  (UEC), with political parties, with civil society organisations involved in domestic election observation, voter and civic education, and advocacy for reform, and with media organisations.

STEP Democracy is unique in bringing together national and international expertise, and firmly entrenches local ownership throughout all phases of the electoral cycle.  STEP Democracy is founded on solid cooperation between international and local organisations, and with democratic stakeholders in Myanmar. Its methodologies are proved to make knowledge transfer sustainable through comprehensive technical advice, capacity development, voter education, and dialogue promotion.

In the STEP Democracy programme, the European Union provides support via eight organisations; four international organisations, International Institute  for  Democracy  and  Electoral  Assistance  (IDEA),  the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD), Democracy Reporting International (DRI), and the  Friedrich  Naumann  Foundation  (FNF); and four local organisations, Myanmar Egress, Hornbill  Organization,  the Scholar Institute and Naushawng  Education Network, which are implementing voter education programmes with FNF.  STEP Democracy has a strong commitment to a flexible approach to democratic reform which is mindful of the rich history and cultural diversity of Myanmar.